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This escape room thriller on HBO Max will shock you at the finish

This escape room thriller on HBO Max will surprise you at the end

Infinity Chamber (2016)

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A gentleman wakes up in a place with no windows and walls produced of metals. He has no plan how he received there. He finds a sarcastic robot guard for enterprise. When he tries to split out of the jail cell, unusual items occur — and by the third scene, you may in all probability knowledge deja vu from the day you viewed Ex Machina or Moon.

2016’s Infinity Chamber — at this time streaming on Amazon Key — fundamentally follows everyone’s favored “mysterious sci-fi motion picture” template. There is certainly a foreboding backdrop, very clear integration of humanity and technological know-how and an intelligent protagonist who appears to be the voice of rationale when grappling with a curious dilemma.

Irrespective, its cerebral story immerses you deeply plenty of to root for the principal character as a result of the finish line while he performs a posthuman edition of escape-the-space.

And if you make it to the climax, you happen to be in for a handle.


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Produced with an impressively minimal budget of just $125,000, partly funded by Kickstarter, director Travis Milloy’s perplexing film experiments with a elaborate plot that’ll exam your means to predict endings — and your tolerance.

Although Frank Lerner (Christopher Soren Kelly) attempts to leave his forsaken locked-up area, he’s panged with lucid dreams of sitting in a quaint espresso store and talking to a charming barista named Gabby (Cassandra Clark).

Quickly immediately after, Frank abruptly wakes up at the time once more in his very little chamber with only the organization of Howard, an assigned machine companion who’s reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Hal, Interstellar’s Tens and Moon’s Gerty.

This sequence, which supposedly explains Frank’s imprisonment, repeats alone again… and all over again… and once more, giving Infinity Chamber its claustrophobic vibe. All the even though, warm and genial robotic Howard does not have substantially to say about any of this. Howard’s only position is to preserve Frank alive.

As the movie progresses, you begin to understand what is actually actually going on — with Frank, Howard and even Gabby.


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A self-proclaimed excellent twist-guesser, I was well prepared to dismiss Infinity Chamber as a satisfactory retelling of the basic apocalyptic survival story. It is a single of a slew of movies that require individuals puzzling their way out of a box-like area in a dystopian earth. Some that tumble into that niche genre consist of 1997’s Dice, 2008’s Fermat’s Place, 2009’s Examination and additional lately, 2019’s Escape Place.

But all through the film’s previous 15 minutes or so, I enable out a several involuntary “wait around, whats” that were being instantly adopted by shock-fueled goosebumps. Infinity Chamber sets alone apart by taking overused tropes and including flavor.

The chamber isn’t just a space. Howard is just not simply a snarky AI and the goals usually are not random.

But whilst Infinity Chamber’s ending is satisfying adequate to deem the film a reliable weeknight get-a-glass-of-wine-and-chill decision, it is not with no shortcomings. People come from the film’s fifty percent-baked sub-plots.

The movie introduces a really like story, the notion of existing in your very own goals, the issue of whether or not individuals can really bond with synthetic intelligence and the ethics of prisons like the 1 Frank finds himself in.

Instead of delving into those people ideas, nevertheless, a ton of time is invested rehashing Frank’s agony of residing in the steel chamber and making up to the initially milestone — a single that’s so evident, I was bewildered by how it was intended to be a shock at all.

Proper all-around the midway issue, Infinity Chamber commences to get a little bit tedious soon in advance of picking up again for act three. Probably that could’ve been solved by exploring the film’s other juicy sci-fi concepts — there had been so many exciting avenues remaining untaken.

Even so, from commence to end, Infinity Chamber is a delight. The shoestring funds and minimal drawbacks are scarcely apparent owing to pristine production high quality, fantastic acting and a wise story chillingly tied together in its final scene — one that will make the total hour and 38 minutes 100% worthy of it.