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This organization sells jeans created to make it appear like you soaked you

These jeans are designed to make it look like you've wet yourself

Ever spilled anything on your trousers although out in general public? At any time thought to your self, “Absolutely sure, it could possibly look like I peed myself, but my trousers really search variety of amazing now. I am just gonna personal this.” Then maybe Damp Pants Denim is for you. If what it states is on the level, the organization sells jeans designed to make it appear like you shed a battle with your bladder.  

That soaked spot was put there on intent. 

Moist Trousers Denim

Its trousers bear what seems to be a damp place entrance and center, as if to scream to the thinking world: Experienced to go, did not have time. 

“Damp look, dry sense,” the enterprise guarantees. “Our denims are made to mimic the aesthetic of urinary incontinence with out the commonly related irritation.”

The founder of Moist Trousers Denim — a 20-some thing Manhattanite who would not share his title or corporation gross sales figures — assures me the firm’s solutions are “100% actual,” and a reporter from Mel Magazine confirms this right after buying a pair to see for himself. 

“Believe it or not, there are people today who truly do love the ‘wet appear,'” the firm’s creator tells me by way of e-mail, sharing this image to establish the level. “It can be unclear to us if this is meant as a sexual fetish or for pure shock price, nevertheless it would not definitely issue either way.” 

But (as the unnamed clothier reminds anyone who’s at any time spilled on by themselves) moist pants are not snug, and the damp location inevitably dries up. His product or service, hence, “aims to bridge a hole in the marketplace for men and women who urinate their pants in search of a specific aesthetic.”

That aesthetic no doubt will have some fashionistas crying tears of bewilderment on to their fully dry jeans.

The hand-stained jeans from Damp Pants Denim are individually produced for every single get, the web site suggests. Pick from blue denim with a darkish blue splotch mild gray denim with a dim grey spot or white with yellow dye for that further fall of realism. The enterprise calls this style its “summer time-influenced urinary incontinence jean,” which could possibly appear across as stunning, or even offensive, to those who battle with true urinary incontinence.   

The business assure. 

Moist Pants Denim

“You could make a scenario that these pants are bringing a lot more attention and consciousness to the issue,” the creator counters. A questionable declare, but the company web-site includes a connection to a YouTube video from a urologist describing the causes and symptoms of urinary incontinence, as well as remedy alternatives.

Patrons of the pee jeans can order them online for $75 (about £53, AU$97), which features shipping and delivery, or they can send out in their personal trousers and have them dyed in a strategic place for a lot less. The company claims consumers will have their new garb within 3 to 5 small business days. It normally takes payment via PayPal, or curiously, its possess electronic forex referred to as PissCoin.  

“Genuinely superior top quality,” a TikTok consumer named Lauren, who has 48,000 followers, claims in the underneath unboxing online video of Soaked Trousers Denim shorts. “I really like the sample. It can be type of delicate … sufficient to have on in public, but you’re heading to be turning a couple heads. I like how you will find a products for people like me who want people to assume that they peed them selves but truly failed to.” 


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Remarkably, the company, founded in 2018, precedes very last year’s TikTok Pee Your Trousers Obstacle, which observed people doing just that and submitting the final results on the movie sharing platform. 

The obstacle appears to have begun in April of previous year at the peak of the coronavirus lockdown. Comedian Liam Weyer posted a online video of himself peeing his trousers and resolved to see how much his prank would movement if he urged some others to abide by fit. Dozens of folks did, with the movies attached to the #peeyourpantschallenge hashtag garnering more than 17 million sights to day. 

“I am surprised to see that persons on the online will pee on their own if you get in touch with it a problem and insert a hashtag,” Weyer advised The Insider.  

In addition to a web site, Damp Trousers Denim has Twitter, Instagram and TikTok accounts, the latter with much more than 5,500 followers. However, it is however tricky to feel the whole matter is just not a joke together the strains of SNL’s three-legged jeans

To come across out whether Moist Pants Denim is serious, Calvin Kasulke, the Mel Journal reporter, requested a pair. Real pants arrived, even though the “WPD” prepared within the waistband working with what appeared to be a black Sharpie built it distinct he hadn’t purchased clothing from a mass manufacturer. 

Beneath the WPD, the number 003 appeared. “As in, the third pair of denims they’ve dispersed,” Kasulke wrote. “Some genuine hypebeast shit (or rather, piss).” 

Photographs of the trousers snapped extra recently reveal the label has moved beyond the Sharpie phase, nevertheless you possibly is not going to be viewing the clothing at H&M or Outdated Navy whenever quickly. “The trousers themselves were being pretty at ease, if I recall, but for the evident psychic pounds of searching like you pissed on your own,” Kasulke tells me. “Are not able to say I have worn them because.”

The good thing is the firm suggests it isn’t going to intend to give outfits that includes places the colour of other bodily emissions.