‘Westworld’ Period 4, Episode 7 Recap: ‘Metanoia’

The next-to-previous episode of Westworld time 4 aired on Sunday, environment the phase for up coming week’s finale. It caps off with a astonishing twist — this time involving Christina — our brunette Dolores seem-alike whose story took nonetheless one more convert.

In other news, this season’s huge negative, Chalores, has been replaced by her next-in-command. Let’s operate by means of what else happened in episode 7, which include who’s however standing on both sides as we head into the ultimate episode.

A doorway to The Elegant

The episode commences with Bernard and Maeve pulling up to the futuristic Hoover Dam facility we observed in episode 1 — the a person William obtained with support from our initial, nameless fly victim of the year. But sooner or later, the clearly show reveals we are essentially somewhere else… in The Chic. When Bernard convened with Akecheta in The Chic back in episode 3, he viewed these events just before they took location (or it truly is a person of the many paths he viewed that could most likely transpire, I guess).

Bernard reveals to Maeve — a edition of her he’s whipped up — that “the hydroelectric server farm” they’re on the lookout at residences The Chic. (Also identified as The Valley Outside of, The Sublime is a electronic airplane of existence we observed a bunch of Westworld hosts enter in year 2, leaving their actual physical bodies behind. Maeve’s daughter is one particular of them.) In time 2, Dolores despatched The Chic — and those people in it — somewhere out of access. Turns out, it was listed here. Bernard employs the key he possesses to open up the doorway.

Bernard tells Maeve that he is been down each and every probable path, and the result is often the exact same: extinction for equally hosts and humans. He tells her they could escape that fate by uploading on their own to The Elegant. Maeve normally takes him up on the present, and Bernard asks if that is what she would truly say, or if which is just his perception of her.

Then, these activities really a great deal repeat in the real entire world (with the addition of some more on-display action involving a large purple robotic). Bernard and Maeve get there at the facility, wherever Bernard after yet again reveals it holds The Elegant and opens the doorway applying his important. But he won’t inform Maeve the truth about their unwell-fated quest. Instead, he suggests that “If we get to her tower, we can help you save them as perfectly as ourselves.”

Chalores is shutting down the metropolitan areas

Next, we spy Chalores, host William and a host version of Caleb. Like the past version of Caleb who received his neck snapped so unkindly past 7 days, this just one knows his daughter, Frankie, is alive. Chalores is a nickname for Charlotte Hale. In the earlier, Dolores created copies of herself — the “self” that exists in her pearl — and place one into a host variation of Hale.

Chalores appeared incredible in this episode (and has all time).

John Johnson/HBO

Chalores tells William to give them a minute, and then she reveals to Caleb that she’s shutting down “the metropolitan areas.” (Does this indicate there are extra than the just one we have witnessed?) She strategies to stick people in chilly storage, mirroring how the hosts in Westworld have been treated. She leaves Caleb in his confinement and tells a astonished William she’s contacting the human world quits for the reason that of the host/outlier situation. “If I don’t do this these days, there’ll be fewer of us tomorrow,” she suggests.

An previously stressed-out host William is not happy about this information. Afterwards, we see him visit human William all over again. In a prolonged, icy spiel, human William tells his host doppelgänger that “lifestyle would not endure, cockroaches do.” He tells his host counterpart that if he could, he’d pull the plug on the entire entire world. “Only a person of us desires to do what should be done,” he tells the host. Host William suggests he understands, then stabs him.

‘Dolores. Please.’

In this episode, Teddy confirms a thing many have possibly suspected from the commence: Christina is Dolores. But then the demonstrate piles on a new thriller: the variation of Christina/Dolores we’ve been viewing in Hale’s new world this time is not in fact there in the flesh. I’m nevertheless attempting to wrap my head all over this a single.

The “Christina equals Dolores” expose will come relatively early on in the episode. Teddy tells Christina that he and she are “reflections of the people today who made us.” He then phone calls her Dolores. At this position, I am continue to viewing her as staying the Dolores robot from very last period, with a memory-wiped mind courtesy of the Rehoboam equipment. Immediately after mastering from Teddy that her type is a lot less vulnerable to demise, she receives into a tub, drowns and promptly regains consciousness.

Later, Christina pays a pay a visit to to Olympiad Leisure, where she makes use of her storytelling qualities to get the human writers to damage their “tales” (placing what we’ve acquired from previous episodes together, I am rather certain these stories are the “pre-scripted loops” human beings are touring in). We see Christina and Teddy wander as a result of Olympiad at the very same time as Stubbs and Frankie. Dolores and Teddy stroll as a result of a doorway, and then we see Stubbs and Frankie emerge a second later on out of the identical doorway. Unusual. Should not the good guys have bumped into each and every other?

Near the conclude of the episode, chaos reigns exterior (additional on that later on), and Christina/Dolores attempts to intervene. Teddy tells Christina that people won’t be able to see her. Christina asks why, and he reluctantly offers it up: “You are not in this earth,” he suggests, “It really is authentic, but you might be not.”

Caleb and Frankie reunite

Immediately after Maeve and Bernard regroup with C/Frankie, C’s girlfriend Odina and Stubbs at the deserted ’20s theme park, the squad is completely ready to enter Chalores’ city.

After there, they break up up — Odina grabs a boat, Bernard and Maeve established out to confront Chalores at her tower, and Frankie and Stubbs head to Caleb at Olympiad. Bernard reveals to Stubbs that Stubbs is not likely to make it.

Aurora Perrineau and Luke Hemsworth

Aurora Perrineau (Frankie) and Luke Hemsworth (Stubbs).

 John Johnson/HBO

Thanks to Christina/Dolores’ intervention, Caleb tends to make it out of his keeping cell just before Stubbs and C/Frankie arrive. Once they do, a traumatized Caleb ambushes them, locking Stubbs in the confined space and pinning Frankie up from a wall. But Caleb realizes that she’s his real daughter shortly ample, and the reunion is sweet. This prolonged-awaited scene failed to disappoint.

A showdown concerning Maeve and Chalores

We’ve recognized because episode 5 that Chalores’ prepare for her kind is for them to at some point “transcend” — undertake a course of action wherever they abandon their host bodies and, as she says in this episode, “evolve into the species that we ended up meant to grow to be.” Their pearls (aka, their minds) are taken out of their heads and put at the best of tall, white devices. In the most current episode, she sends a concept to the hosts that it is really time to ditch their current bodies for superior.

Maeve and Bernard technique Chalores in her tower, and they break up up. But just before they do, Bernard admits to Maeve what he’s been hiding from her — “No subject what we do, we cannot gain,” he states. “You can find no way to help save this world. Anyone in this article is going to die. But we can conserve one little component of it.” He asks Maeve if she’s however ready to combat, and she exhibits him a tiny smile right before continuing on.

Maeve finds Chalores about to transcend — a drone host holding a whirring unit in the vicinity of her head. Chalores grabs the gadget and she and Maeve battle it out. They tumble exterior and proceed to combat in shallow h2o. Then Maeve is shot in the head by host William.  Upcoming, the host turns on his creator, providing just a couple words and phrases ahead of also taking pictures Chalores in the head.

We see Bernard, who’s up in Chalores’ tower and recording himself talking on what appears like a tablet. He cryptically suggests, “If you decide on to give her that option, you are not able to pass up. Achieve with your left hand.” By the close of this episode, we nonetheless you should not know who the concept is for.

Host William comes and shoots Bernard in the head. He also rejigs Chalores’ seem-producing tower, resulting in “every single person and girl and youngster — host and human — to combat until eventually no a single continues to be but the cockroaches.” Presented that the individuals are controlled by the sounds, he should have ordered the humans to convert on the hosts.

Who’s still left standing

The exhibit pivots to Frankie, Stubbs and Caleb, and we see people about them start off to struggle every other violently. The 3 of them manage to escape the frenzy, but Frankie normally takes a bullet to her abdomen.

On the other side of the battle, host William is pretty considerably our new huge bad as we head into the finale.

Lingering queries

  • In very last week’s episode, Frankie caught on to Bernard’s makes an attempt to copy her and her pals applying tech Chalores set in the ’20s concept park. (He failed to deny it… or make clear why.) This, mixed with the reality that the doorway to The Elegant is sitting vast open up has me contemplating — are copies of some humans (probably those people who visited the park) in some way going to end up in The Elegant?

  • How is Teddy back this year? At initially, I considered he should have been a host designed by Chalores, like William. But now it appears like he could not bodily exist in Chalores’ new earth either.

  • The place did Maya, the roommate, go?

  • Is Bernard definitely absent? It appears to be like no a single can essentially die on this exhibit, but Bernard’s exit seemed a lot more last than, say, Maeve’s. We see him observe Charlie, his son as section of his backstory, through a doorway. We also hear his voice repeat what he reported to Akecheta in the Elegant: “In every single circumstance, I die…” It would seem to nail home that he was making a true sacrifice by carrying by way of with the approach.