Who Is the Stranger in Rings of Ability? Right here Are the Very best Guesses

The fifth of 8 episodes in this initially year of The Rings of Electric power is now offered to enjoy on Prime Online video, and there’s however one big secret we’re no closer to solving. Regardless of masses of display time, it continue to is not obvious who The Stranger is. From the instant he crashed onto Center-earth in a ball of hearth, audiences have been speculating wildly as to who this might be, but nothing has felt conclusive. Is this meteor gentleman buddy or foe? Will this character enjoy a pivotal role in the finish of the time or will the mystery persist into the next? It is really tough to know for positive.

In a July interview with Screenrant during San Diego Comedian-Con, actor Daniel Weyman had the subsequent to say about his time as The Stranger.

“They were being very apparent at the beginning that what they were being bringing me was a character who had, at his main, a truly deep and primal reason. He had a need to have to execute some thing he had a need to accomplish this detail. After I began to faucet into that, and sense that deep in the core, then other items flowed out of that.

I feel, for me, that was truly crucial. Whether or not that was costume, or hair and make-up, or dialect and movement — all all those things flowed from that pretty primal, guttural perception of, ‘I know what I require to do right here. I know what I am below for.’ And which is a joy to have as an actor, because there are some people who never ever actually know what their function is. They never ever truly know what their dreams are.

As a lot as we don’t know about him, I assume what we are heading to do — if we can stay with him — is to see that the way that he impacts communities about him is heading to be dramatic. We are heading to study and discover and understand, and acquiring out what precisely is heading on could not be so rapid.”

We a lot of not know for sure who it is, but there is certainly a good deal of information in lore and interviews and what we have viewed on monitor to rule out a number of issues. Right here are the major guesses I’ve observed throughout the net, with some details about how most likely it is for a presented guess to be suitable. 

Sauron (Annatar)

Sauron, from Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings.

New Line Cinema

At this stage in the tale, Sauron has vanished to build his power and take on Center-earth by his grand approach. To enact that grand prepare, he requirements to be at the seat of electrical power in a way that no one suspects he’s received evil in his heart. In Tolkien’s stories, Sauron seems as a disguised elf named Annatar and employs his skills as a master craftsman to get Celebrimbor’s awareness. Together, they make a complete ton of pretty very rings you could possibly have heard of. 

Although it would be attention-grabbing for Annatar to make a grand look like this, arriving in a ball of flame that Gil-galad himself saw streak throughout the sky, and possibly saying to not bear in mind his past, The Stranger likely is just not Annatar. The greatest cause is the ears. As the lovable Harfoot Poppy factors out, he hasn’t bought pointy ears and he just isn’t handsome. 

It’s truly worth incorporating right here that, in accordance to the showrunners in a latest job interview, Sauron hasn’t yet appeared on screen. That could be a deflection, as Sauron is recognised to disguise himself, and the shirtless tavern person seemed to feel that starfall was a signal of the dim lord’s impending arrival. Or it could be that this meteor male just isn’t Sauron, which appears plausible. 


Peter Jackson’s films are superb, but they did Glorfindel dirty. In the textbooks he is at the Council of Elrond after obtaining rescued Frodo from the Ringwraiths and not Arwen. As a lot as I appreciated Liv Tyler’s efficiency as Arwen, in the guides Glorfindel went toe-to-toe from many Ringwraiths since he’s just that potent, and that electrical power is under no circumstances current in the motion pictures. Which is possibly because he killed a Balrog by himself when he was young, and so was a tiny overpowered for individuals flicks, but which is not a massive dilemma for The Rings of Power. 

Glorfindel is described as getting been sent back again to Center-earth in the Second Age with powers that rivaled people of the 5 Wizards, which would make clear the Wizard-like powers demonstrated in the first two episodes. He also tries to talk by way of constellations, which is something ancient Elves like Glorfindel would have been well-versed in.

Sad to say, Glorfindel is also described as a lovely elf with golden hair. Although it really is attainable The Stranger just needs a tub and a shave to renovate into a fairer currently being (look it up, actor Daniel Weyman cleans up awesome) the absence of pointy ears helps make this significantly less very likely.


Gandalf with a pipe in his mouth, staring into the middle distance

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He is more mature, gray-ish and seemingly wields magic powers — that is gotta be Gandalf as he is arriving in Center-earth, appropriate? It is really a affordable guess offered what we’ve noticed on display, together with the several kinds of magic this character is able of wielding, but this in all probability is not Gandalf.

Gandalf the Grey, alongside Radagast the Brown and their leader Saruman the White, don’t arrive in Center-earth until eventually a means into the Third Age. That indicates The Stranger landed in entrance of Nori a quite extensive time prior to Gandalf is sent to assistance battle Sauron, at least in accordance to Tolkien. If this display is going to mess with when Gandalf comes in Center-earth, there had better be a terrific explanation for why.   

Allatar or Pallando

Gandalf and the other two Wizards didn’t land in Middle-earth till the 3rd Age, but there are in fact 5 Wizards of Middle-earth. The other two are most normally referred to as the Blue Wizards, because Tolkien describes their robes as a sea blue. While these two are equal in electrical power to Gandalf or Radagast when they get there, their contributions are not effectively documented by Tolkien. We do not know a ton about what these Wizards were undertaking listed here, only that when Allatar was despatched below he asked Pallando to join him and Tolkien described the two as obtaining “experienced incredibly wonderful influence on the record of the Second and Third Age.”

It can be doable Allatar and Pallando were separated when they first arrived in Center-earth, and the language barrier in between him and Nori could be short-term when he identifies his powers in this new spot. But if it can be really one particular of the Blue Wizards, it’s very odd they did not arrive with each other or clad in blue. 

Tom Bombadil

Yet another exceptionally enjoyable Tolkien character who was done dirty by the Peter Jackson movies, Tom Bombadil is just one of the oldest residing beings in Middle-earth, and his powers are just form of unidentified. Glorfindel suggested through the Council of Elrond that the One Ring be specified to Tom to destroy, due to the fact just one of the most strong Elves alive at the time assumed he was up to the task single-handedly. 

Tolkien did not publish significantly of just about anything about what Tom was up to during the Very first Age or the Next Age, only that he was in Middle-earth hanging out with his wife, Goldberry, who was also a river spirit. Tom and Goldberry are known to have experienced regular interactions with Hobbits, creating it very likely they had been familiar with ancestors like the Harfoots. Probably it was the kindness of Nori Brandyfoot which direct Tom to be so variety to Hobbits?

A Balrog

A Balrog getting ready to fight Gandalf

Galdalf the Grey as opposed to a Balrog of Morgoth, as witnessed in The Fellowship of the Ring

New Line Cinema

When most people listen to the term Balrog, they quickly believe of the big smoke and fire monster Galdalf fights at the close of Fellowship of the Rings and the beginning of The Two Towers. And for the most component, that’s a rather secure guess (however really worth pointing out there is a fair little bit of discussion amid the Tolkien local community as to regardless of whether these monstrous beings have wings or not) when imagining a Balrog.

That obtaining been reported, The Stranger is unharmed by his magic fire and survived a absurd landing and there is certainly only a handful of beings capable of both. This group of beings are identified as Maiar, the primordial beings made use of to enable condition the globe right before it was populated by any living beings. That is suitable, Wizards and Balrogs are designed of the identical things and as such have a large amount of the very same abilities. This features the capability to improve form.

Tolkien by no means wrote of Balrogs as something other than huge demons who provide Morgoth, and of training course that incident in Khazad-dûm, so contacting it a stretch that The Stranger is a Balrog is some thing of an understatement. But it is technically doable supplied what Tolkien wrote, and we do know from the trailers that a Balrog will be making an physical appearance at some level in the demonstrate. 

Even now, he’s most likely not a Balrog.