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William Shatner rockets to place and back again with Blue Origin

How to watch William Shatner visit space for real with Blue Origin this week

Blue Origin and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (left) welcomes back again the crew, which includes William Shatner (3rd from ideal).

Screenshot by CNET

William Shatner, the alter moi of just one of the most iconic space tourists ever, has officially concluded his 1st serious trip to place.

The legendary 90-12 months-outdated actor best recognised for taking part in James T. Kirk, captain of the Starship Enterprise in the Star Trek universe, blasted off atop a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket from the firm’s west Texas start web page at 7:50 a.m. PT (9:50 a.m. area time) on Wednesday.

Shatner is joined in the New Shepard capsule by Chris Boshuizen, former NASA engineer and co-founder of satellite imaging enterprise World Labs Glen de Vries, an entrepreneur and govt with French application organization Dassault Systemes and Blue Origin’s vice president of mission and flight functions, Audrey Powers.  

A couple minutes into the flight, the capsule separated from the booster and continued on to suborbital space, where by the crew expert weightlessness and an epic see of Earth prior to reentering the environment for a parachute-assisted gentle landing in the desert. The full expertise lasted just in excess of 10 minutes. 

During the flight, Shatner’s Twitter account posted a quote from Isaac Newton:

During the last minutes of the descent, Shatner could be read exclaiming, “That was not like anything at all they described… that’s unlike anything you’ll ever see or ever truly feel all over again.”

The crew was greeted by Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos as they exited the crew capsule on the valley floor of the Texas desert. Shatner choked up as he thanked the billionaire entrepreneur.

“What you have presented me is the most profound experience… I am so stuffed with emotion about what just occurred. It is remarkable. I hope I by no means get better from this,” he stated.

Shatner methods again to Earth.


After separation, the New Shepard booster returned for an autonomous landing on the floor to be reused in the upcoming. 

This is the next crewed flight ever for the place tourism enterprise. The 1st flight of a New Shepard rocket
with humans aboard introduced July 20 and carried organization founder and mega-loaded dude Bezos, his brother Mark, aviation pioneer Wally Funk and scholar Oliver Daemen on a rapid vacation to space.

Shatner now takes the title of oldest particular person ever in place from the 82-calendar year-outdated Funk, who held the crown for below three months. 

The mission, dubbed NS18, was streamed reside.

Shatner, who has also produced above 10 albums as a recording artist, says he strategies to publish a track about the experience for his next album. 

“I want to compose about my love of Earth,” Shatner mentioned in an job interview posted to Twitter.

The start was originally scheduled for Oct. 12 but got bumped to the pursuing day due to the fact of winds in the forecast. Liftoff was also delayed Wednesday early morning by around 30 minutes, but New Shepard was lastly ready to get off the ground.