Alex Jones Is Now Trying to Divert Money to His Father’s Supplements Business

A Texas bankruptcy court judge brought Infowars back from the brink of death on Friday, a surprising ruling which conspiracy kingpin Alex Jones attempted to use to—naturally—make more money. This time, Jones is promoting a supplement company owned by his father. Judge Christopher M. Lopez issued a split ruling last week, saying that Jones can … Read more

Watchdog group files IRS complaint against Epoch Times Network

The government watchdog organization Accountable.US filed an IRS complaint against the Epoch Public Foundation and the Epoch Times Assn., the nonprofit groups affiliated with the right wing media outlet the Epoch Times. The complaint, sent to the IRS last week, requests an investigation into “potentially false or fraudulent information” made on the nonprofit’s tax returns … Read more

Dodgers place Yoshinobu Yamamoto on 15-day injured list

Yoshinobu Yamamoto was placed on the 15-day injured list Sunday because of triceps tightness, an injury that forced the Dodgers right-hander out of Saturday night’s 7-2 loss to the Kansas City Royals after two scoreless innings. Yamamoto was undergoing further medical testing on Sunday, the results of which were not immediately available. The hope among … Read more

Supreme Court unanimously concludes that anti-abortion groups have no standing to challenge access to mifepristone – but the drug likely faces more court challenges

On June 13, 2024, the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously decided to uphold access to mifepristone, one of two pills used in medication abortion. Mifepristone has long been used safely and effectively in medication abortions around the world. Shortly after the 2022 Dobbs decision that overturned 50 years of abortion rights, anti-abortion groups … Read more

Dominic Ng has a long history of innovative, civic-minded banking

The year 2023 was especially cruel to regional banks in California. Repeated interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve exposed the poor bets and hubris of regional highfliers like Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic. Those banks capsized, which sparked bank runs, which wiped shareholders out. One regional bank, however, smoothly sailed on: East West … Read more